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Established in 1992, Superior Dry Cleaners was created to bring WHOLESALE PRICES to the public. With extensive experience in industrial dry cleaning, working with organizations such as Moore’s Clothing, York Region Community Recreation Centers and many others, owner/operator Hiten Patel’s goals were to bring the same quality and prices to you. Successfully bringing that industry standard quality demanded by major organizations and maintaining an affordable price for the public, Superior Dry Cleaners has kept the people of Thornhill looking like a million bucks without breaking the bank for over 25 years. With a local feel to the shop and always greeted with warmth, you will be treated like family and have a very neighborly experience at Thornhill’s local go to dry cleaners, Superior Dry Cleaners. Come on by either one of our locations for quality service, affordable prices, and a pleasant, worry free dry cleaning experience, or for more information give us a call at our head office location at 905-709-4556.

Our Services

A SUPERIOR CLEAN for Affordable Prices

Our advanced technology in ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING preserves clothing’s original appearance, while giving a thorough cleaning and still being tough on stains.

Following is a list of services provided, with a quick explanation on the processes and tips & tricks for you to do at home!

A crisp clean finish on a shirt is the difference maker for an elegant look with a suit. It can be the reason you make a great first impression at an important business meeting or catch the eye of the love of your life from across the dance floor. Just like our dry cleaning process, our shirt laundering process is also ECO-FRIENDLY. Using oxygen based cleansing agents, which are tough on stains and soft on skin, we at Superior Dry Cleaners take pride in our state of the art laundering process, which is 100% ECO-FRIENDLY. Along with being completely safe for the environment another impressive fact about our shirt laundering process is that our facility is home to a completely robotic shirt press unit with steam injection technology which covers the entire body width, to ensure a thorough pressing in even the hard to finish areas. At Superior Dry Cleaners we offer two levels of cleaning service for shirt; a regular WASH&PRESS, and SUPERIOR CLEAN W/ SPOT CLEANING. For more information on our shirt laundering services come visit us at either one of our locations or give our head office a call at 905-709-4556.

*Tips & Tricks before visiting us!

  • Unbutton all buttons to avoid damage to garment
  • Do not let stains dry, the fresher a stain is the better the chance of it being completely removed
  • Dark coloured shirts should be turned inside-out to preserve the colour

Your best outfits deserve the best cleaning process in order to keep you looking your best and Superior Dry cleaners is where you will find the best dry cleaning service provided in Thornhill! Our ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING process uses Hydro-Carbon versus the traditional method used by most dry cleaners which uses a chemical called perchloroethylene or PERC. Perc is extremely harmful to the environment and has been reported to cause allergic reactions on human skin. Hydro-Carbon provides a quality clean while being safe for the environment and for human skin. After being spot cleaned for stains and dry cleaned your garments will then be steam pressed for a crisp-fresh finish by our expert garment technician, who has over 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry.

*Tips & Tricks before visiting us!

  • Do not let stains get dry, the fresher a stain is the more chances of it completely being removed.
  • Remove all belongings from pockets and unbutton all buttons in order to avoided garment being further damaged.

From fur to fatigues and leather to lumpy pillows, Superior Dry Cleaners is your local partner for cleaning services to fit every need. Our special materials cleaning will utilize a safe and effective process to protect your item while providing a deeper level of clean.

Because many of your high-value clothing and personal items may have non-standard materials, Superior Dry Cleaners understands the challenge that cleaning them can bring. Our facility is fully equipped with the products, equipment, and talented staff necessary to handle your items with care.

At Superior Dry Cleaners, we believe that stunning suede and luxurious leather's appearance should match it's often high price. To maintain a flawless look and preserve its life, we'll use our hallmark techniques as well as safe cleaning solutions to have your item back to you not only in one piece, but in one great-looking piece.

To get a free quote for your special materials cleaning in Thornhill, send Superior Dry Cleaners an email and we'll respond quickly with a fair and honest price.

For items that are impossible to clean at home without ruining them, such as leather, suede, or that gorgeous rug that completes your living room, you have the know-how of the expert garment technicians of Superior Dry Cleaners at your disposal. Leather and suede cleaning at home can be done but it would not be a deep clean, it would be just a surface polish, just like you would do with your leather or suede shoes. Our leather and suede cleaning process gets through the surface and thoroughly cleans leather and suede garments inside and out. Rug cleaning at home is also more or less the same as leather and suede, it would be just a surface clean. To really get deep into your rug and remove years of built up dirt and dust which can be harmful to the air in your home, here at Superior Dry Cleaners we use state of the art special rug cleaning machinery to really get into the rug and flush out all the built up dirt. After the deep cleaning process, a second steam cleaning is implemented to keep your rug soft to the touch. For more information on the process or price quotes, please come by one of our locations or give us a call at 905-709-4556.

*Tips & Tricks before visiting us!

  • Do not let stains dry, the fresher a stain is the better chance of it being completely removed.
  • Do not attempt any stain removals on leather, suede, or rugs at home yourself

Doing laundry may not be your idea of a good time, but Superior Dry Cleaners can at least make it as painless as possible. Our regular laundry service in Thornhill ensures you'll always have fresh, clean clothes ready when you need them and not left stuck in a hamper.

With an easy and convenient drop-off location in Thornhill, you'll find that getting your laundry done professionally is possible in your own backyard. After leaving your clothes with Superior Dry Cleaners, we'll immediately start the cleaning process, incorporating dry cleaning and other special services as requested. In just a short time, your laundry will be ready to be picked up.

Other Thornhill laundry providers might cut corners with inferior detergent, but Superior Dry Cleaners knows how vast the difference can be with lesser products. Because we value your comfort as well as your business, you can count on us to only use high-quality ingredients in our washing process.

Call Superior Dry Cleaners today at 905-709-4556 and learn just how much time you can save with our premier laundry services.

Finding a perfect fit may not be easy, but with Superior Dry Cleaners it doesn't need to be. Our expert tailors are capable of even complex alterations and restorations to make your new and used clothing truly fit like a glove.

Whether you're having trouble fitting into your jeans or need to restore a fire-damaged wedding gown back to its former glory, Superior Dry Cleaners in Thornhill is here to help with a full suite of clothing alteration and restoration services, including taking in, letting out, mending rips or tears, and repairing damage caused by fire, water, smoke, or other concerns.

Our alteration and restoration services are available for all types of clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, shirts, and more. In addition, we're not limited by material and are happy to work on everything from luscious silk to hard leather and denim and all points in between.

If you're tired of clothes that don't fit, call Superior Dry Cleaners at 905-709-4556 in Thornhill and let us fix the problem.

Exquisite rugs are a great way to decorate your interior Thornhill space, but stains and dirt can make even the best looking rug be an eyesore rather than a feature. However, Superior Dry Cleaners's flawless rug cleaning service will have it looking as good as new.

While a treasured rug may truly be a work of art, it's also meant to be used. As such, it's only natural that normal wear will eventually start to show.

Vacuuming your rugs is a good idea for regular care, but when you want to get rid of more than just surface dirt, Superior Dry Cleaners rug cleaning in Thornhill is the answer. Our non-intrusive cleaning process gets rid of deep stains, ground-in grime, and other blemishes.

The reason why Superior Dry Cleaners is the right choice for your rug cleaning needs in Thornhill is simple and relates to our whole philosophy of doing business - take the time to do it right and our customers will appreciate the difference.

For a Thornhill rug cleaning that brings a new luster to your floor coverings, call Superior Dry Cleaners at 905-709-4556.

Weather you’re in the middle of a deep spring cleaning or just taking care of everyday cleaning, we here at Superior Dry Cleaners can help out and make your life a lot more simpler. Drapes and bedding can be very delicate and can rip and tare during cleaning in your household washing machine. This is where Superior Dry Cleaners industrial level state of the art machinery comes in handy. With massive drums with capabilities of handling hundreds of pounds of garments at a time our machinery ensures more then enough personal space for your garments to be deeply cleaned while being handled gently. After either being washed or dry cleaned depending on your garments needs, your house-hold garments will then be steamed to get rid of wrinkles and leave it with a soft to the touch feel. For more information on the process or price quotes, please come by one of our locations or give us a call at 905-709-4556.

*Tips & Tricks before visiting us!

  • Do not let stains dry, the fresher a stain is the better chance of it being completely removed
  • If stain has been left for more the 24 hours notify your garment technician on what it is and how long its been there.
  • If you have attempted to remove the stain yourself before bringing it in, please notify your garment technician

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